The company Professional Thermo Logistics has 5000m2 of total storage area, both in the country and abroad. The main reloading and distribution warehouse is located next to the company's headquarters in Chociw, near Rawa Mazowiecka.  With its floor area of 3000m2 – it is a high bay warehouse with controlled temperature, allowing the rendering of storage, reloading and distribution services at the temperature ordered by the customer. 

Our other warehouse facilities are located in:

  • Grójec, near Warsaw,
  • Czempin, near  Poznań,
  • Liege, in the Belgium.

Our warehouses are equipped with:

  • High storage systems,
  • Controlled temperature,
  • Modern yard transport,
  • 24/h protection and monitoring of facilities,
  • Separate zones for foodstuffs, non-foodstuffs and ADR.

The services we render as part of storage are the following:

  • Re-packaging,
  • Preparation of consolidated sets according to the customer's order,
  • Film coating and labelling,
  • Verification of expiry dates of products,
  • Cross-docking,
  • Management of returns,

All the above-mentioned services are provided by a person assigned to a given company. 

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