Pharmaceuticals, including all sorts of medicine, require special transportation conditions in controlled temperatures.  The company Professional Thermo Logistics has the most modern fleet of  double deck refrigerated trailers with the possibility of adjusting to two different temperatures. Additionally, we have new chiller systems with the possibility of adjusting to even three different temperatures, and new refrigerated delivery vehicles.

With respect to the transport of pharmaceuticals, we offer:

  • Transport in controlled temperatures:
    • Full truckload,
    • Grupage,
    • Added load.

Our fleet used for transporting pharmaceuticals consists of the following:

  • Refrigerated trailers,
  • Chiller systems,
  • Refrigerated delivery vehicles 3.5t GVW with double deck.

All our trailers used for transporting pharmaceuticals are equipped with:

  • GPS for mapping the current location of the vehicle,
  • door ajar switch,
  • temperature recorder allowing the printing out of the temperature upon route completion, with circularity every 15 minutes, in order to confirm your order.

Transportation circularity and routes for pharmaceuticals:

  • Exports and imports:
    • Germany,
    • the Netherlands,
    • Belgium,
    • Great Britain,
    • the Czech Republic,
    • Slovakia,
    • Hungary.
  • Exports directly from our unit in the Netherlands to:
    • France,
    • Italy,
    • Spain.
  • Daily full truckload exports to:
    • Russia - Moscow, Kostroma,
    • Lithuania.

In order to maintain the highest quality of services, our trailers are washed and disinfected regularly in compliance with the binding norms, standards and customer's requirements.

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